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Flexible Options for Small Business Owners


Navigating the world of Federal Government contracts can be a complex & overwhelming experience for small and large companies alike. Within the government acquisitions trade space are a variety of specialties such as program management, contracting, legal, finance & engineering.

Because of this we offer a variety of services aimed at helping US business owners successfully and repeatedly sell to the US federal government.

Our model is set up to make the expertise that is typically only affordable for large companies available and accessible for the small business owner. Because of this, each of our services has two options.

1. The first and most affordable option for each of our services is where we provide guidance, strategies and advisory sessions in order to enable you and your team to accomplish your federal sales goals.

2. The second option is you hire our team to complete the service for you. This is the more expensive option, however the return on investment can be 10-100X!



The US Federal Government purchases everything from books and furniture to cutting edge technology, aircraft and satellites. Every companies approach to selling to the US government is going to be different. Identifying agencies that purchase their goods and services, contracting vehicles used, direct sales and who specifically to coordinate with will be unique and specific to each of my clients.


Our custom federal marketplace assessments and roadmap will allow you to be proactive and strategic in your approach.  We search for relevant historic, existing & forecasted buying opportunities that match your company’s product or service. We reach out and speak with government subject matter experts to get the current government purchasing trends and sculpt a strategy for you to competently and confidently approach the Federal Marketplace.


Additionally, for businesses that are unfamiliar with government contracting we offer a highly detailed roadmap which provides a step by step process for all of the registrations needed, small business determination, set aside preferences, and administrative items needed to be completed.


A critical pillar of selling to the US Government is identifying which agencies are purchasing your goods and services, identifying the program managers and key influencers, and meeting them in person to present the details. This helps develop repour and will give insight into current purchasing plans. There are literally thousands of agencies, program offices, military bases, and special units that make purchases.

Finding the right program managers, contracting officers and engineers to get in front of can be a daunting challenge for those unfamiliar with the complexities and protocol of government agencies. We take on this challenge and represent your company to the right people within the Federal Government.


In some cases government agencies set up contracts directly with companies or make direct purchases without going through the sometimes arduous contracting process. This is often due to price, classification or urgency. We will determine if direct sales makes sense for your business and can formulate a strategy to successfully approach the Federal Government with a direct sales campaign.


Subcontracting opportunities are sought after by many businesses in order to play a part in large defense contracts, develop proven performance and gain experience working in the Federal Government arena. We have a large network both in the government and with defense contractors which we can use to help identify and win sub-contracting  opportunities.


We identify and assemble applications for a variety of government programs including:

  • Small Business Innovative Research (SBIR) 

  • Small Business Technology Transfer (STTR) 

  • R&D Grant Opportunities

  • Unique Federal Innovation Programs such as AFWERX Challenge


Although many companies focus on identifying and obtaining new government contracts the real work begins once you are on contract. Our former government contract officers review existing federal contracts for:

  • Optimization of labor rates

  • Adding new Contract Line Item Number (CLIN)

  • Adherence to all FAR obligations

  • Strategy & tactics for negotiating with government program managers and contracting officers

  • Other applicable areas specific to your companies contract 

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