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IRS issues RFI solicitation for “Data Mashing Initiative”

Last week, the IRS issued a Request for Information (RFI) for Data Mashing as part of the Pilot IRS Program. They are requesting information about innovative data mashing solutions to bring multiple sets of data together to promote the use of the data by government personnel to allow for smart and fast decision making.

The request asks for information on how best to pull together data in a user friendly and visual format to assist government acquisition professionals during cost estimating, sourcing, and contract negotiation.

The IRS is looking for input from industry partners and other parties to identify know solutions to visualize multiple data sets, identify new technologies for bringing the data sets into a visualization, and for recommendations on their primary focus areas. The request also asks for information on recommendations for implementation.

The deadline for responses to this RFI is 08:00AM EST, August 17, 2020.

To view the RFI on the IRS website click here:


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