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First Step in Selling to the US Government?

We often hear of companies landing big contracts with the US government. However, it's very rare to hear about the government contracting process a business goes through.

The first step a business should take is to discover if the federal government purchases the goods and services that they offer. Typically this is as simple as checking FPDS or USA Spending.

What if you offer a new to market service, or have developed a technology that can streamline or improve the way the US government currently does business? In this case you would identify the organization(s) that manage or use the system your technology can improve. Once you know who uses it, the goal is to set up an office call to telecom with decision makers, influencers or program managers. Speaking with the managers and subject matter experts can give you a strong sense of the need for your product or service.

Government contracting can be a long process. Before going through the preparation of bidding on contracts (or selling direct) it would be well worth your effort to see if the need exists first!

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