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We Help Small Businesses Win 6-8 Figure Defense Contracts


The DoD buys everything from office supplies and construction services to cutting edge technology and weapon systems. 

We help small business owners and sales executives learn how to sell products and services to the US military, improve the lives of our men and women in uniform, and succeed in the elite industry of defense contracting!

Gain the Competitive Advantage 

Who Is This For?

  • Small Business Owners

  • Sales Executives

  • Tech Start Ups




Richard and his team have the highest level of federal contracting expertise! They speak the same language as government contracting officers, program managers and requirements officers which is critical to communicating our solutions to decision makers. Richard’s in depth knowledge of funding and various contracting mechanisms provides the ability to help shape acquisitions agreements from both the government & company sides of a deal and we highly recommend his services!”


Arpit Malaviya, CEO, ProDIGIQ